Love Sayings

Love sayings are very vital and, they help capture the heart and emotion of love. Love is a feeling that will continue to be explored as long as people have life. The sayings are also referred to as love quotes and quotations. The are love sayings that you will find very interesting. The following are what love sayings do for people who read and hear them. First, they will entertain you and, make sure that you have had lots of fun. The other thing you will benefit from is the variety of views. Views of love are very vital and you will be surprised at the feelings of different people in this regard. They can also be a source of learning and making it a great learning experience. The sayings can also be the source of great fun and humor. You can also come up with your very own sayings from your experience and perception of love. It is this variety that ensures people see all the perspectives or sides of love. The sayings are not just for romantic love but, there are sayings for the other kinds of love.

For example, love between friends, parents and children, and others. The following are some examples of saying that I found very interesting. It will begin with a very comical and radical saying of how to treat your enemies and it goes like this 'love your enemies, it really pisses them off'. Whether this is true or not, you just have to find out for yourself. I also came across another saying that I thought was really sweet and simple. 'Love makes everything lovely'. There is no statement that can be truer. In the bible, there is a saying about love that is also as deep and, it is 'love covers a multitude of sins'. Because of love, people are able to forget the wrongs and focus on building true relationships. I think the saying from the bible is one that is most inspiring of all. You can find more sayings in literature like books, magazines and the Internet. You can go through hundreds of sayings available and maybe choose one that will be a philosophy for you. Other sayings are as follows. 'Let love be your greatest aim'. This is a very good one and it will help you strive to that height of love. Remember, according to many who have been in love, it is the greatest thing to have and it surpasses wealth and other material things that you will find.