Eternal Love

There are gifts and then there are GIFTS. When you know that you have found the person that is perfect for you, the one that makes your heart skip a beat, the one that makes your stomach flutter with butterflies, the one that takes your breath as they walk into a room then you can think about getting the right gift for him or for her.

When you feel so strongly for your partner, sometimes saying the three big words, I love you, are just not sufficient in your mind. There needs to be another way to express that incredible love you hold inside you for the other person. You feel and you have the need to express more say more and let the world know more about how you feel.

The thought has occurred to you to shout it out while on the streets, climb the highest mountain and let it echo down to the world below or speak your feelings on a talk show to the world. Even though visiting a talk show may be out of the question, there are other ways to let that person know besides just saying I love you. One incredibly romantic and beautiful way is by naming a star after the one you love. The universal represents years and years of being.

Much more than our seven to eight decades long life. What better way to say how much you are deeply in love than by naming a star after the most important thing in your life. Stars have shined over us for centuries and centuries and will be here when all of us are gone, what better way to express you eternal love than by naming a star after you better half.

The gift is wonderful whether it be for birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding, anniversary or Christmas. By naming a star for the love of your life, they will know how deep your love is for them and how much it represents an eternal feeling you will hold inside your as long as you live.