happy valentines day facebook app special 2013

hii Friends heartly say : Advance happy  valentines day
now celebrate with face book application design with your name and your photo as you like
 visit this link for that  : http://apps.facebook.com/my-valentines-gift/
Get Your Gift on: http://apps.facebook.com/my-valentines-gift/
If you get a heart: Your Valentine loves you alot.
If you get chocolates: Your valentine loves you but fails to tell you.
If you get a teddy bear: You love your Valentine more that him/her.
If you get hugs: You are lucky because your Valentine is sensible.
If you get red roses: Your Valentine is a flirt by nature.
If you get a kiss: Your Valentine cares about you.
If you get ring: You are soon going to be proposed.
If you get white roses: You have to wait for a Valentine for some time.
If you get yellow roses: You believe in friendship not Love