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Love, a powerful emotion and choice. It creates strong affection and builds the bonds of relationship. If cultivated well, it starts as overwhelming desire and mellows to a life long endearment and attachment. It embodies the virtues of loyalty, kindness, charity, compassion, and affection. It is so central to who we are, that those that are religious find the most identified of human emotions in God is - Love. And because love is a vital force in cementing interpersonal relationships and is central to who we are, it is also the most common theme in the arts.
At Greatest Love, we want to celebrate all that we call love. The love quotes that we have compiled capture the wide range of how people look at it. From ridicule to rapturous devotion - we find the quotes that put love in perspective. More importantly, we searched far and wide to encapsulate what it means to be human and - love.
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